Mission, vision and values

During its more than 20 years as a company, X5 Retail Group, from its roots as an entrepreneurial initiative that brought modern food retail to Russia, has grown into the country’s leading food retailer.

We offer our customers a modern food shopping experience in three formats: proximity stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. We are also constantly innovating and evolving, introducing new and convenient ways for our customers to get the products they need when and where they need them.

As of 31 December 2018, we operated 14,431 modern stores in 64 regions of the Russian Federation, where we received 4.6 billion customer visits during the year. We employed 278,399 people across our operations, which also include logistics, transportation, direct import and even food production.


We aim to offer our customers across all our formats accessible food products of good quality and convenient, modern retail services. We achieve this by leveraging our scale and the value propositions of our portfolio of retail brands. This requires us to:

  • Address Russian consumer demand for food and related goods
  • Correctly estimate the potential size of various market segments where we operate and invest, as well as to identify new areas of growth and new customer value propositions that are relevant to changing consumer demands
  • Provide national, regional and international food producers with a convenient and reliable marketplace to sell their goods
  • Invest in modern and efficient infrastructure to support our nationwide food retail operations


We aim to become the most valuable food retail company in Russia in the eyes of customers, employees and shareholders. Our dream is to make our brands the most recognised in Russia, giving a sincere and trustworthy response to all those who engage with them.

We aim to become the most valuable company in the eyes of customers, employees, and shareholders, which means:


In order to achieve our mission and our strategic goals and to make our vision a reality, we adhere to a set of values that we believe are best suited to our business:

  • Customer-oriented
    • We put the customer at the centre of everything we do and at the centre of all of our decisions
    • We strive to find solutions that meet our customers’ needs
    • We build long-term relationships with our customers
  • Respect
    • We are respectful in our interactions, problem-solving and feedback with customers, business partners, our employees and other stakeholders
    • We consider the opinions, interests and emotions of our stakeholders when making decisions and interacting
    • We help our stakeholders, even if doing so goes beyond the scope of our job responsibilities
  • Driven to achieve results
    • We set goals for ourselves that require significant effort to achieve
    • We take responsibility for our actions
    • We reward our employees for their achievements, while also acknowledging that we sometimes make mistakes
  • Honesty and integrity
    • We respect the agreements we sign and honour our obligations to all of our business partners and other stakeholders
    • We provide accurate and complete information about our products, activities and performance in a timely and transparent way
    • We have zero tolerance for corruption, which is backed by strict policies and practices covering every aspect of our business, as well as our supply chain